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School Wellness

St. Vrain’s School Wellness program is designed to encourage healthy eating and physical activity at school. Our goal is to make the healthy choice the easy choice every day.

St. Vrain believes that student health is integrally connected to student achievement and that healthy students feel better, learn better, and grow into healthy adults.

At the core of our programs are healthy food guidelines and physical activity best practices, which follow and advance our Wellness Policy.

Our continued success is dependent on the support and inspiration of parents, teachers, students and community partners.


Wellness At-A-Glance

St. Vrain’s School Wellness is pleased to share the past year's successes in the 2015-2016: School Wellness Annual Report. We encourage parents/guardians, students, educators and other members of the community to take a moment to read our report, sharing information about the important work that our district does to foster student success.

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School Wellness Annual Report

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Wellness Alive!

St. Vrain Valley Wellness' bi-monthly parent newsletter focusing on healthy eating and active living topics for you and your family. Check back often for the newest version, or click on “Going Green Menus” and sign up to have it emailed right to you!

Going Green

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September 2017


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