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   Meal Prices    Elementary    Secondary
   Breakfast - Full    $1.50    $1.75
   Breakfast - Reduced    No Charge    No Charge
   Lunch - Full    $3.00    $3.25
   Lunch - Reduced 9-12      $.40
   Lunch - Reduced    Grades PK-8     No Charge

A la Carte Milk, Juice, or Water - 50¢ each               A la Carte Salad Bar - $1.00


St. Vrain Nutrition Services does not pull trays from elementary school children if they come through the cafeteria line and don't have funds in their account.

Reminders for balances owed are sent home weekly and calls are made when account balances get over $10.00. Parents need to respond to these memos before accounts get to high. If parents don't want their students to charge a meal then let us know and we can manage that at the school. Otherwise, parents will be responsible for any charges on their student's account until the balance is paid off.

Parents may complete a free and reduced meal application at any time during the school year at or by contacting Shelly Allen at (303) 682-7255.


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