We Are Always Learning...

In 2013, our district started a partnership with LiveWell Colorado’s School Food Initiative.  Now in the 2017-2018 school year, our district’s Food & Nutrition Services Department continues to take powerful steps forward in offering more fresh produce and scratch-cooked meals to our students. We recognize that creating sustainable change takes a long-term commitment and with that in mind, we are excited to share that we’ve entered a new phase with SFI!

 The Initiative will provide professional development (PD) to our food service team, who are in our kitchens every day working hard to feed our growing student body. This new phase not only includes PD, but the development and implementation of custom Culinary Trainings tailored to enhancing in-house food service production, which is no easy feat! Over the year, staff will have the opportunity to attend trainings with a focus on honing culinary skills, time management and team building in conjunction with the infusion of new techniques for school meal marketing and promotion. Thanks to the stewardship of Food Service Director Shelly Allen, we are excited for this next step with the School Food Initiative and look forward to what’s ahead!


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